Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let the Holidays Begin!

So we are doing things a bit different this year. Unfortunately, we aren't going to have all our stuff cause its all still in Montana and we are not.  So, since we will be in a mostly empty house I decided part of our homeschooling will involve making Christmas decorations (like we wouldn't do that anyways....) and that we have to start making cookies and other super yummies earlier than than the norm.

Yeah, last night it began. Delish milk chocolate and white chocolate and melty caramel covered the kitchen. Some of it made it to the real destination of pretzels and cookies and graham crackers. Most of the goo made it right into Punk #2's mouth. And just to rub it in a bit; these are my absolute faves! They have a layer of caramel followed by a layer of milk chocolate with crushed candy canes sprinkled over the top. No other pretzel has ever had it sooooo good!

And now if you will excuse me, my tummy is rumbly again.

1 comment:

  1. I have seen the pretzels dipped in chocolate before - now you've got me thinking about them! I might just try them this week :-)