Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just When I Thought My Punks Were Normal.

Whew, life is busy busy busy right now! Like, rip out my hair, punch a punk, shove a spoon in my eye kind of week. But there are some pluses to this week:

My first attempt at a nightgown- I won't tell you it was supposed to have
long sleeves, might ruin the moment.

1. I sewed 12 pair of jammy bottoms, 1 nightgown, 1 apron, 5 stockings (yep, made one for Chubaca!), and some other stuff that is now lost in my mind.....

2. I totally rocked out Black Friday; once again all my christmas shopping complete in 1 day!!!!!

So, my first attempt at a stocking..... Didn't use a pattern, I just winged it.
Yes, Bekum, I realize the foot part is way to big for the chicken leg part. 

3. I found a house (maybe), still waiting on the whole application process. Last house I found fell through so fingers crossed Internet!!!!

4. Took the boyish Punks to play LASER TAG!!!! Twice. And they only beat me once- but that's cause they cheated.

5. Went with a whole lotta the Fam to "Lights of the South," which is just south of Augusta, GA. Had a blast!

Note to self: next time I ask someone to take a group pic, make sure they don't 
cut off Dads head. Yep, he is in the red coat. Mr. Mafia himself, the True Father.

Unfortunately for me Internet, I was under the impression that my Punks were somewhat normal. I mean, just look at Punk #1 sitting next to me (Im in the orange coat. Duh, orange is like my signature color!) and look at Punk #2 sitting there in her pretty blue coat. Normal, happy, well adjusted kids who aren't scared to move 10 days before Christmas even if that means Momma B-Dub has to sew her fingers to the bone making new stockings for the family cause our stuff wont arrive at the new house until sometime in JANUARY if we are lucky. Nope, these kids don't have a care in the world. B-Dub might need a xanex, but thats a whole other story......

Something went wrong along the way. I have no explanation for it. Something bad happened to Punk #2. Something scary. And it happened more than once. Are you ready? Look at what happens when you try and get a close up of Punk #2:

I mean, really? I don't even know what to say to that. I'm speechless. Where did that mouth come from. And I promise you I did not PhotoShop these pics. She really and truly made that face, and it wasn't a freak accident either.

See. Here she is just waiting for the Train ride to start. Totally normal Punk. 
Well, she was really really tired, hence the eye rubbing.
And the next thing you know..... WHAM! 

It happened again! She was possessed by the crazy clown mouth ghost.
Or the Rocky Horror Picture Show Mouth Monster
Or, she turned into one of those cartoon characters from way back in the day
that I can't talk about cause it isn't PC and I don't wanna offend.

Just when I thought my Punks were normal. Ha.

Also, it just occurred to me that you might not be familiar with my Punks normal, everyday, not possessed smile- so I'm providing this next pic for reference. I promise, she isn't always a crack head.

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