Monday, November 2, 2009

Partying, just a little bit

And so as the weekend progressed we continued to Party like it was My Birthday. And I have partying proof. Here we go....

Go B-Dub! Its your Birthday!

We gonna Party like it's your Birthday

Bringin it arooouunndd town

Throw You Hands in the Air, Like You a True Play-a!!!

Even Cleopatra showed up for my Party. Whaz up Butterfly and Cleo?? 
Ya'll havin fun with B-Dub??

Hey Now! No More Monkey Business... 

The Gang is all Here. Only Famous people at B-Dub's shindig ya'll

And all I can say is: One OOOOOgly EYE!!! (its one of this punks favorite books)

And yes. This is B-Dubs Dad: Captain Normal. 

it explains a lot...

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