Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I have taken care of my children; I have driven from Montana to Georgia with several stops in many states. I started homeschooling my oldest child. It’s been painful at times, but we are sticking with it and this year we are hoping to see some rewards at Christmas time.
This year for Christmas, Dear Santa, I would really and truly like to indulge myself. I would love to indulge myself with fine foods like the ones found in:
"The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl." The Pioneer Woman Cooks is a homespun collection of photography, rural stories, and scrumptious recipes that have defined her experience in the country. Ree Drummond shares many of the delicious cowboy-tested recipes she's learned to make during my years as an accidental ranch wife—including Rib-Eye Steak with Whiskey Cream Sauce, Lasagna, Fried Chicken, Patsy's Blackberry Cobbler, and Cinnamon Rolls—not to mention several "cowgirl-friendly" dishes, such as Sherried Tomato Soup, Olive Cheese Bread, and Crème Brûlée. She shows her recipes in full color, step-by-step detail, so it's as easy as pie to follow along. You can find this cookbook "The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl" at
Dear Santa, to go along with this fantastic cookbook I need to have a supply of cast iron cookware.  It would be impossible to indulge in these fantastic flavors because you cannot pan sear a delicious rib-eye steak using a non-stick pan! The Lodge Cast Iron Cookware has a Signature Series that is to die for, Santa! I would love to receive just one or two pieces of this fantastic cookware. Specifically, the Signature Series 12 inch skillet and the Lodge Signature Series 12 inch Grill Pan. Oh Santa, I don’t know how I have lived with out theses pans for so long! Please help me! 
And Dear Santa, what is Christmas without Christmas cookies? And what better way to make delicious cookies than to use Calphalon's most durable bake ware ever - the Classic Nonstick bake ware line with a reinforced nonstick for lasting durability. The two jelly roll pans are made of aluminized steel that resists rusts. Classically designed for professional results, the Calphalon Classic Nonstick bake ware is designed to resist sticking and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Santa, if you would like to continue consuming Christmas Cookies at my house I NEED these jelly roll pans!!!
Oh Santa, I’m not asking for a lot this year. Please don’t fail me now!

Yours Truly

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