Thursday, November 5, 2009

Every now and again

There are times when I am scouring the computer looking at pics- mostly cause I can't remember my oldest punk EVER being tiny- that I come across a pic that needs no words. In fact, if I even attempted to explain it would only cloud your judgement. You need to enjoy the simplicity, the uncomplicated, the drama free, the pure happiness of childhood.

The sheer joy of whipping along on a treadmill, into the arms of someone who is snapping pictures of you whipping along on the treadmill. And hopefully they put the camera down long enough to catch you before you crash into your favorite cousin.

The very same cousin who introduced you to Star Wars light sabers. How incomplete your life would be without him. What would you do without sword fighting knowledge?

And without this favorite cousin, who would teach you how to get the maximum enjoyment out of eating Dum-Dums? Vital skills taught here.

Oh, this cousin of yours. How we love him and all his quirks.  He who teaches all how to accessorize, he who is Master of Dance, Dance, Revolution. He imparted his knowledge to his younger cousin. 

It really isn't his fault that the lessons produced this. He tried. Oh, how he tried.

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  1. Great pictures!! Oh how I would love to be a kid again! :)