Monday, April 12, 2010

Miss Me? Me too.

I know, I know... I've been gone a whole lot the last week or two. A breakdown of my day today should serve as an explanation.

Up late with Oldest last night studying for the TCAP standardized tests that are this week. Woke up with Littlest around 5, told her to get back in her bed before I laid a smack down. Promptly fell back asleep until 7. Awoke to a screaming alarm and Littlest locked in the dog kennel with Chuey. Seriously.

Got boy off to school, ran errands all day with Littest. Returned home to find Chuey in the midst of seizures. Administer Valium for 2 hours without any visible reaction from him. Call vet. Vet says bring him in (go figure). Have to haul the 100lb dog down 14 steps to get to the car using his harness in the front and a leash around his back end. Finally make it down stairs without injury to self or dogs to find BOTH punks have run away to the neighbors. Dog still seizing. Track down punks and get all three loaded into car. Worst. Traffic. Ever.

Arrive at Vet. Struggle to get dog out of car. Two guys leaving Vet see me struggle, shrug shoulders and walk to their cars. Jerks. Vet tech people see me struggle up steps with dog. They do nothing. Jerks. Get dog into building, he promptly falls to floor still seizing. Other patrons start pointing and whispering. No one helps move dog. Get called back to room. Vet tech decides she can help carry the back half of his royal self cause apparently it isn't nice for me to use a leash around his mid-section (she suggests a towel for next time). Excuse the hell outta me.

Vet reads me riot act for not having dog on some other form of anti-seizure meds. I lose temper. Punks jumping off chairs in small cramped room. Littlest starts screeching. I threaten hair ripping (off my own head- not Littlest's). Vet dispenses new meds. Follow-up in a week for blood work as apparently new meds are not good for his liver. Great.

Dog still seizing. Give more Valium. Vet yells for amount of Valium already used. Wants to keep dog overnight on full anesthesia. I say no. Dog regains senses, but not coordination (thanks Valium). Schedule next appointment. Struggle to get stoned dog into car. Get Punks into car. Stop at TacoHell and get Punks dinner cause there ain't no way this Momma B-Dub is cooking tonight.

Arrive home. Get punks fed, dog calmed down, and watch an episode of "Life" with said Punks. Oprah should not have been the voice- it really bugs me. And the whole show seems to revolve around sex. Oldest thinks it funny. Nothing funny about Oprah talking sex. Nothing. Both kids have ticks on them. Gross.

Littlest falls asleep on my lap and I put her in the bed. Study with Oldest for an hour for his TCAP test tomorrow, get him into the bed.

Realize that I never put the groceries away. Begin actual hair ripping. Take Xanex.

Happy now.

Typical day in the Life of B-Dub.


  1. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight! You deserve it!

  2. Best of luck to your sun on his TCAP.

    I hope the vet finds a solution to help your dog.

    You're right. People are jerks. I hate them so much!

  3. I realised too late that I wrote "sun" instead of "son"... And I know I could delete it, but I won't.

    Let my typo be there for the world to enjoy.

  4. Good Mama Mercy and a fat cup of coffee, girl! I thought my life was rough lately but my fallin' down the stairs (yes, again) and comin' out lookin' like my Mama loved me is the biggest hullbaloo in my life lately.

    I am so glad you said that, though, about that Life show. I usually watch it with the sound off and the captions on - I can't handle the antichrist droning on (and on and on and on) for that long a spell. It's kinda lost me at this point with all the 'reproduction' info, too. Oh look! Birds fucking! Oh look! Fish fucking! Oh look! What the fuck is that fucking!

    Though the little interior decorator birds the other night were too cute. It was like some weird animal kingdom Rate My Space game show. Glad she didn't choose Poop Ball Dude...

  5. Oh my gosh! Thank goodness I'm not the only one with an exceptionally crazy life the past couple of weeks. Hope things settle down for you soon.

  6. Ok, so my life isn't as crazy as I think it is compared to yours! Keep smiling.

    I wanted to thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog today. It was one of those rough days today, and you made me smile. Thank you...I needed it.

  7. Ahhh...So yours do the locking themselves in with the dog thing too!
    I feel your stress girl believe me....I feel your stress.
    Wishing you a less stressful tomm.

    Much Luv,