Thursday, April 8, 2010

Memories and I NEED YOUR HELP

Last night I talked to Bestie Bekum who is all a-jitter because her hubby will be home in 4 or 5 days. LUCKY! I sure wish I could say the same- ah well, Charley gets to come home in October for R&R and I guess it isn't sooo far away. Maybe. Crap.

Anywho, the point is that we talked about her hubs coming home. Last night I had crazy dreams about the last time Charley came home. Here is the scene:

He was in Iraq for a year and I had a baby while he was gone. Homecoming also meant he got to meet his little girl for the very first time. It was hot and crowded. Knowing Charley doesn't like crowds I moved the kids to the very back of the room and we waited. Oldest held the sign we spent forever coloring in with stupid fine point Sharpies.

Eventually they let the guys off the plane. This happened.

Daddy, meet Littlest

And then, we were all together again.

We took our Dadda home to this:

Yes, we did make sheep out of cotton balls and paper plates. I know, I know, you are all in awe of my sheep making skills.

The part that's bugging me is I don't have any creative ideas for when Charley comes home this time. I won't have a new punk for him to meet, no more sheep, pretty much BORING. I need to come up with something good. But really, how do you top cotton ball sheep? I need ideas, and I need you to send them to me. Today.

Um, not to be demanding or anything but I need the next 10 months to plan this crap out. Brilliance doesn't happen all at once ya know. Get cracking.


  1. Well, I will try to think of something but right now I'm wiping tears outta my eyes and off my face.

    God Bless and watch over you and your family, especially your man!


  2. Wow... them sheep are going to be hard to top.... umm cotton ball goats?

  3. to beat the sheep....I got nothin'. I'll keep thinking about it.

  4. I've got nothin. However, I do hope the next 10 months flies by quickly for you.

  5. First of all, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?! I have missed you.

    Second of all, I must be all emotional today because those pictures made me tear up. How sweet when he met his baby girl. I can't imagine having a baby with my husband gone, you are a supermom!

    Last of all...answer the door naked?? Isn't that what all guys would want? ;)

  6. I think if you did have a new baby for him to meet when he got back, he'd certainly be surprised.

    Maybe you could borrow one of a friend or something, just to see the look on his face.

    I think you top cotton ball sheep with cupcake paper caterpillars.

    At least that's what I was taught.

  7. I like ScoMan's ideas. You could borrow Peter (probable name for said offspring) would be hillarious! Or not.
    I think answering the door naked with kids around would be a bit traumatic.
    When John came home we put up balloons and signs at all the stop signs in our neighboorhood and a big poster outside. I think I have a whole bag of yellow bows you could have too. You won't be holding baby, unless you borrow Peter, so you could video tape the whole thing. Tears for years to come :) Love you sis! You're a great woman!

  8. I love the pic of him holding the baby and they are just looking at each other! So sweet! About the homecoming ideas, I would say you guys being there is enough. I don't know how you could top cotton ball Cute!