Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quotes That Sum Up My Week

The internet has finally been restored!!! Man, 24 hours of no FarmVille and I thought I would lose it! So, if you aren't aware, I have been sick for exactly 8 days and its still going. My oldest punk has also contracted the badness, and so had Beccum. Welcome to the house of hacking cough, fevers, and lots of snot. We all had Doctor appointments on Monday, here is one excerpt from my visit:

Me: I have this really bad cough, and it keeps me up all night. Not to mention the chills and hot sweats from all the fevers I have had this week....

Doctor: Yes, well, enough about you having Swine Flu; lets talk about your double ear infections.

Me: Huh? I'm sorry, my double ear infections have obviously messed with my hearing. Did you just say..... gulp......

Doctor: Yep, you and your son. But I can treat him with Tamiflu, you on the other hand have missed the window of opportunity- instead you are getting a shot in the bottom.

Me: I'm sorry, I really must be hearing things, I thought you just said ....swine flu, and shots in my bottom....gulp...cough.....cough.... flem..... cough.....shot.....

Doctor: Mam, could you please bend over and drop your trousers?

Me: cough.....gulp.....really??....ummm.....cough..... Punk, can you please leave the room? This is gonna get ugly..... cough......

I didn't know what was worse: Swine Flu, Ear infections, or "Mam, can you please drop your trousers?" Does it get any better?

Well, today it did. Get better, that is. The internet repair man came to visit. And guess what! He kept calling me "Shug" as in short for "Sugar" like only guys with a really heavy southern accent can get away with using! Cause lets face it, if my hubby called me Shug it would be a little weird. I'm just sayin.

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