Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ideas, Thinking, and Such

I miss you guys!!!!

Now to the goods without further apology for my long absence here it is:

I think once a week or so I'm going to post about free stuff. This will be mostly for my couponing buddies so if you aren't interested, well, too bad :)

Besides, who doesn't like free stuff?

In further news: We spent spring break in Nashville and I LOVED it. If you haven't been to Gaylord Opryland you are missing out. Except we didn't actually stay there cause lets face it- I'm no millionaire, so we sneaked in the back door and wandered aimlessly for hours. Thats how we roll.

Me and Momma of B-Dub

INSIDE Opryland. Yes, inside.


  1. I stayed there in February for Blissdom and it's GORGEOUS!! However, it's sooooo easy to get lost inside. LOL

  2. So you deliberately posted the worst possible photo of your mom????

  3. Much is the happiness I feel when it is that you post...

  4. I haven't been there yet, but I intend to!