Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Day to ME! Oh, and Charley too.

Today marks a momentous occasion! 6 years ago Charley and I got married- an event that my family thought would never happen as it takes a special kind of guy to put up with my brand of crazy!

We were trying to get married on the sly; meaning all secret and stuff. Kinda like eloping only everyone already knew it was gonna happen. Then my Daddy called me, the gig was up. He asked if he could come and how could I possibly say no? I couldn't. So we loaded up and went down to the courthouse with a few of Charley's friends and a few of my family members.

 Oldest was super excited. At the time he called Charley "Chuck Daddy." Eventually the "Chuck" dropped off and he was just "Daddy" but I won't ever forget how happy he was.

(I know, I was totally slouching... boo.)
(but look how cute I am with red hair!)

I will also never forget how nervous Charley was. So nervous in fact that he had left his wallet in the Barracks- so our big moment was slightly delayed as he had to make a trek across town to go get it. But you know what they say- good things come to those who wait.

And he was totally worth waiting for.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I think this is a very cute wedding story!

  2. Yes, we had to crash our daughter's wedding. How many people have to do that?????

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love how happy your little one was. You were a beautiful bride!

  4. Happy Anniversary! You look sensational! I love Charley's hair cut...

  5. Happy anniversary.

    Chuck Daddy is so cool hahaha.

  6. You looked so pretty! Happy anniversary :)