Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wags: I Love you

I recently tuned into the world of couponing. Never bothered before and oh how very wrong I was. With a little bit of blog reading *which I do anyways* and the purchase of a Sunday paper I too can be a super saver. Example: Todays Walgreens trip

Total for all items: $110.23

Total Walgreens store coupons: $31.75

Total Manufacturer coupons: $ 36.69

Total Register Rewards (cash back to use on next purchase): 25.00

Total Savings: $ 93.44

Making todays grand total a whopping 16.79

Wanna know what 16.79 look like? Whoot, here it is:

Pretty much an awful pic thanks to the dark and rainy crap outside.
Not to mention the blur- why bbry are you blurry? Jerk.

And since my phone is pulling its blurry crap I will just tell you what I got:
4 packages command hooks (the ones that wont mess up the walls) 1 Bic candle lighter, 2 sticker books, 2 mini puzzles, 1 box 100 ct envelopes, 1 box 40 ct envelopes, 2 juicy fruit collectors tins (full of gum), 3 pkgs Breathe Right strips, 3 bags Betty Crocker blueberry muffins, 2 boxes Domino brown sugar, 4 large bags pretzel M&Ms, 2 large bags mint M&Ms, 2 large bags peanut M&Ms, 2 bottles Dawn dish soap, 2 Skittles filled Santa heads, 2 bottles NyQuil, 2 containers of Lysol wipes, 1 box puffs tissues, 6 small packages Russel Stovers chocolate Santas, and one package of pain patches. 

Super Duper Fun : )  Tomorrow is Target day- hopefully it will go as well!!!!  


  1. Wow! Well done indeed. My wife and I started doing the coupon thing a couple years ago. I love the watch the money come off at the register!

  2. please share your secret for saving so much $!