Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PSA. Cause Everyone Should Know How.

As promised the Lorax Room Extravaganza continues. This one is another step by step photo guide titled "How to Make a Swomee-Swan From Cardboard." Because everyone should know how to make a Swomee-Swan. Or maybe you are renting a house or apartment that won't let you paint intricate murals on your walls- either way...

Step 1. Get an old cardboard box from the basement. I mean, find one somewhere cause I definitely don't still have a huge pile of boxes left over from moving sitting down there. Totally took those to the recycling center AGES ago...

Outline the shape your're trying to make, in this case a Swomee-Swan.

Step 2. Use a razor blade to cut out the shape. Be very careful not to slip and take out the Punky Assistant working with you. Even if she is giving you a major headache.

You should end up with something kinda like this.

Step 3. Turn you Punky Assistant loose with the paint. Fingers crossed that none winds up on the rug :)
See? No reason to be scared! Another piece of cardboard (that somehow found its way back to my house from the recycling center) keeps the rug SAFE.

Step 4. Commandeer all paintbrushes, paints, and painting related materials and add some "finish work" to said Swommee-Swan.

 Step 5. Repeat process until Punky Assistant thinks she has adequate numbers of Swommee-Swans plastered on her walls.

Step 6. Call Mom-in-law and thank her for her brilliant suggestion! Too bad for me Littlest now thinks she needs Bar-ba-loot Bears and Truffula Trees made with the same technique. Good thing I may or may have not procrastinated on the whole "Recycling Center" trip. (I love you Charley :) promise it will be gone before you get home!)


  1. Very nice!! I think you should make them all and more

  2. All of this looks so good! Did you print out pictures to trace, or do you just draw well?

  3. Another fantastic addition to the room.

    And you said you weren't the crafty sort.

    I don't know if I can trust you any more.

  4. Love it! Wish I was there to help decorate. I love that stuff!

  5. How cute! You are way talented! I could never do something like that.