Saturday, December 26, 2009

Living in the New

We finally made it to our new home!! Just days before Christmas the kids, Chubaca and I drove on up to TN and our log cabin house. Christmas was fun- but we are still missing our Dadda so if felt incomplete.

I thought I would share some useless nonsense this evening, just because I can.

1. I'm posting from my blackberry cause C has the laptop with him I'm Montana so I'm not sure how this will turn out, but its worth a try!

2. Dear Lighting Companies near Clarksville- Please help shop owners in this area! The Bass Shop light is missing its "B" and scandalized my oldest punk. The Long Branch is missing its "N" in Long and makes the place seem repetitive. What's the difference between a log and a branch anyways?

3. Always fun to meet the neighbors and find that the hubby owns his own tatoo studio. Lots of places I could go with that one, but my Mom reads this blog so I won't!

4.I always pictured TN as the land of old pick up trucks, old dogs, and cowboys. So far the only old anything around here is me. And maybe Chubaca if we are counting in dog years.

5. While returning to the car today in a crowded parking lot an SUV rolled by booming too much bass and rattling everyones windows. What does my punkiest punk do? Pull her hand from mine and immediately start shaking what her Momma gave her. In the middle of the parking lot. She stopped traffic with her sweet moves and stirring rendition of "I Like to Move It Move It." Madagascar 2 was prolly not the best stocking stuffer. She is too easily swayed by the jams.

So now that the punks are tucked away in their beds its shower time! Been having lots of baths cause I forgot the shower curtains in GA and I was too lazy to go to the store for more. Until today that is, and you can see by #5 how well going out in public flies with my Punks. Maybe I should burry them in a hole till they reach adulthood.


  1. I love the defective Bass Shop sign! Oh, and I am in awe of your Blackberry blog posting ability.

  2. HAHA #5 kills me, too funny! Glad you got that shower curtain, sounds like something I would do! :)

  3. Good job from your Crackberry! Stopping by from SITS....funny!